Products & Service

・Manufacturing and sales: Materials and parts for Magnetron(for both consumer and professional products).

・Materials and parts for other electron tubes.

Main products
1.Anode body and vane
2.Discharge pipe
3.Strap ring
4.Oxygen Free copper pipe for electron tube
5.Molybdenum rod
7.Electric Oxygen Free copper
8.Tungsten coil



・Manufacturing and sales: Materials and parts for refrigeration system

Main products
1.Filter dryer
2.NFrotary evaporator
3.Iron pipe(zinc-coated)


・One-stop service: Procurement, processing, and plating of metal materials.

Our plant is located in Nikko, in Tochigi prefecture. It’s 2 hours away by train from Tokyo.

We provide customers with consistent service, from material arrangement to processing (cooperating with subcontracting companies).


We produce from annoxic copper, stainless, iron, lead, etc.